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Bachelor's Degree

Manufacturing Engineering – Miami University, 1974

Tim realized that an Associate’s degree was not sufficient education for him to do the things he looked forward to in his career.  A native of Cincinnati, Tim became aware of Miami University’s venture into engineering, pushing against its liberal arts and teacher education roots. After a few interviews, one for Tim’s satisfaction and the other for Miami’s, Tim was enrolled as a junior transfer student in Miami’s B.S. Engineering Tech program, with an emphasis on manufacturing engineering.

Tim was now married to Cheryle (nee DeWeese) and discovered that he was not alone as a married student.  He and many other Viet Nam era Veterans were earning their education on the G.I. Bill across the country, including Miami.

The camaraderie and education Tim experienced at Miami left friendships and memories that will last forever.  Go Redskins!

Tim graduated Magna Cum Laude, which he attributes to his wife’s patience, his Vet buddies’ help, and his professors’ encouragement.