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US Army

4th Armored Division – Germany

It was 1962 when Tim and his high school buddy, Bob Gaston, decided they would enlist in the Army when they reached the age of 17. “We wanted to be on our own,” Tim recalls. “Boy, what a rude awakening. I traded my parents for a rough and tough cadre of NCO’s.”

Tim’s job in the Army was in the artillery, shooting cannons, keeping the Russians at bay on their side of the Berlin Wall. “We were the artillery arm of the 4th Armored Division, an off-shoot of the outfit Gen. George Patten formed in WWII. We were always in the field making sure Ivan didn’t dare cross the Berlin Wall, and we were always cold doing maneuvers in the German winters.”

Tim rose to the rank of E4 and mustered out 1966, glad to be a civilian again.