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Organizational Development

Business Management

How well is your business being managed?   Do you know the specific management elements to evaluate and how to measure them?  Once you do uncover them, do you know how you would make changes?  Tim was trained in first class management during his near quarter century tenure at GE. He also managed his own businesses for two decades. Tim has the experience to evaluate your business and suggest changes to improve your bottom line.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing can be either a hockey game or a ballet. The former is chaotic and unpredictable, the latter is organized and predictably successful. Tim has over 50 years of experience manufacturing in both extremes. You might think Tim would say GE manufacturing was the ballet, however, Tim says “It was very controlled, but not successful until LEAN was introduced in the 1990’s.”  Tim has the know-how to teach your managers to turn their manufacturing into a ballet that will delight you and your customers.

Organizational Effectiveness

Whether your organization makes a product or offers a service, is for profit or non-profit, it has a certain level of effectiveness which can always be improved. Tim was the Manager of Organizational Effectiveness for GE Aviation’s 5,800 person Production Division. Facing what looked like insurmountable odds, such as multiple labor unions, conflict everywhere, and mission impossible type business demands, Tim was successful at bringing all constituents together to improve their highly measurable outputs. Tim will assess your organization’s effectiveness and develop a plan for you to achieve results beyond your wildest expectations.

Strategy Development & Implementation

If your business is a rising star, it will have three to five strategic stretch goals you will achieve in three to five years. You will also have current year tactical plans laid out, assigned to staff members, with weekly reviews to ensure the plans are making progress. Everyone in your business will know what the stretch goals are and will have an assignment in the current year tactical plans. If your business does not have these, then it is not a rising star, but could be a fizzling shooting star falling from the sky. Tim has helped countless businesses and organizations develop their long range strategies and current year tactical plans. Ask Tim to assess your strategies to see what kind of star your business is- and what it can become.