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Lean Practices

Toyota Production System

Before venturing into Lean, you will want to understand the Toyota Production System inside-out, it is the foundation of all Lean activities. Having specific knowledge of the Toyota Production System will put you at a great advantage in customizing Lean to your own operation, connecting your departments to common Lean principles, implementing Lean without losing a step, and creating your role in Lean. Tim is a foremost authority on the Toyota Production System having learned it from its direct descendents in Japan. He can help you with your own Lean journey.

Lean Enterprise

Effective Lean ventures begin at the organization’s enterprise level; its vision, mission, strategic objectives, and action plans. A leadership team must be formed, educated, and led to develop the details of implementation and critical elements (people, processes, metrics) to ensure swift  success. Tim has acted as consultant and co-implementer with many organizations over 20 years and has the know-how to guide you to success.

Lean Manufacturing

With manufacturers, the natural first focus of Lean is the factory. The question of where and how to start Lean in your manufacturing operation are critical, and if answered wrongly can be very unforgiving. Employees are not very patient when their world is being changed, so getting the answers to where and how to start Lean in the factory are critical. Laying the foundation for further Lean implementation is the next critical step. Tim has developed methods to assist and lead you through the Lean implementation process in your shops, quickly showing great results.

Lean Office

Lean in the factory is difficult enough, but Lean in the office presents special problems. Office personnel are not as accustomed to change and being as flexible as shop people, who are accustomed to being moved to different shop jobs and responding to changes quickly. Tim has developed special methods and processes that have made Lean in the office as successful as Lean in the shop.