Experience Wisdom Skill Caring

Individual Development

Executive Coaching

Who do you go to for coaching and personal advice?  Your staff and employees expect you to have the answers, after all, you are the boss. You might have colleagues who are also executives you could approach, but do you want to burden them with sensitive executive or personnel issues. Tim has 40 years personal executive experience at GE and with his own businesses and has been an excellent coach advising his clients to be better executives. Tim has a ready ear to hear your sensitive issues that will be between just you and him.

Leadership Development

Leaders, however good, are never as good as they could be. Leadership development is an on-going process that is best done when the focus is on developing the specific need rather than taking a shot gun approach. Counseling, assessments, and feedback from others will pinpoint those needs. Leadership development tools will fill the specific gaps and strengthen your leaders.

Motivational Techniques

It has been said that you cannot motivate someone who doesn’t want to be motivated; people are either self-motivated or not. While that is true, it is also true that motivational techniques can be applied to the work environment seamlessly that will promote motivation. Tim’s experience as the Manager of Organizational Effectiveness at GE and his organization development background provide him with the skills to help you implement motivational techniques in your environment.


Finding the right person can be a tricky proposition. The person must be competent, disciplined, motivated, enthusiastic, honest, and able to work with others, just to name a few qualities. Tim will help you find the right person for the job by developing the job description, finding the appropriate posting mechanism, designing the vetting process, and coaching you to make the right hiring decision.