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Entrepreneurship Coaching

Are you an entrepreneur? One who has that itch to start your own business?  One who has an idea that needs to become a reality? 

No one knows better than Tim how difficult it is to take an idea and make it a reality. Tim started his first business in 1969 at the age of 24 designing and making after market motorcycle accessories. That one didn’t go so well. He then started an engineering services business in 1972 and almost got sued by a competitor.

In 1974 Tim landed a great job at GE and became so absorbed in the learning and competition among his peers that he lost track of being self-employed for 21 years. But the itch was still there and in 1995, Tim quit GE and launched Tim Hutzel and Associates which was very successful providing business & manufacturing consulting services.

Tim later was asked by his long time college friend, Joe Patten, to join him as a partner at MainStream Management to lead the start-up of a similar business there called MainStream Global Services.

Tim has learned the principles of Entrepreneurship the hard way, by trial, error, fire, and sweet success! 

Give Tim a call, you and he have very similar itches. Tim will listen to your ideas and has the experience to make them a reality.