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"Keeping Your Work in America"

As Tim was writing his book, “Keeping Your Business in the USA,” he visited and learned a great deal about how companies are keeping their work in America. Tim says, “The first step is to resist the urge to send work off-shore to China, Viet Nam, India, or Mexico just because your competition is doing it. In fact, you might have a significant advantage by keeping your work here!” In his book, Tim identified “7 Recipes for Success” company leaders are practicing that have allowed them to keep their work in America: 1. Active Leadership; 2. Financial Management; 3. Strategy Deployment; 4. Continuous Improvement; 5. Listen, Learn, Understand & Act; 6. Employee Programs; and 7. Customer Satisfaction. Each of the 7 Recipes is defined by 10 ingredients that are easily  practiced. Tim will visit your company, too, and help you determine if you are practicing the 10 ingredients for each Recipe. Tim will also help you develop a plan to get on track and Keep Your Business in the USA.

"Re-Shoring Your Work Back to America"

Tim was so inspired by what he learned writing his first book, “Keeping Your Business in the USA”, that he asked his long time friend and first client, Dave Lippert, to co-author a second book on Re-Shoring Work Back to America. Dave, like Tim, is no amateur in running a business; Dave is the President of Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co., a business founded in 1907. Dave and Tim have developed a Re-Shoring Decision Model that goes beyond the simplistic view of cheap labor. Their Model makes visible all the things companies deal with when they decide to manufacture thousands of miles from their home base and customers. Their book, “Bringing Jobs Back to the USA: The True Cost of Off-Shoring” is available for purchase from Amazon. Tim or Dave will be glad to show you their model and give a hand in helping to develop it so that you, or other companies, can make an informed decision concerning Re-Shoring.