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Advisory Board Services

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What is an advisory board?

An Advisory Board are adjunct members to your staff who have expertise in areas you lack or in which you desire another perspective. They are usually not affiliated with each other, but could be. They are called upon as often as needed to listen to your issues, ask questions and provide answers, advice, and guidance. Sometimes they may lead or participate in short term projects. Their expertise is earned through many years of applications in a variety of settings. They have sound qualifications that can be tested through references and they have numerous experiences from which to draw.

An Advisory Board provides the valuable service of presenting new methods and the opportunity to test new ideas before acting.

How is an Advisory Board Different from a Board of Directors?

A Board of Directors is usually elected or appointed by the shareholders to oversee the operation of the company or organization in their behalf. The Board of Directors has responsibilities and authority defined in the bylaws and is held responsible for the decisions it makes.

An Advisory Board has no authority. Its purpose is to provide advice and guidance to the leaders of the company.

Why would I choose to have an Advisory Board?

You would choose to have an Advisory Board for three reasons:

First, you already know your blind spots…an Advisory Board can fill in the blanks and provide the expertise you are seeking.

Second, you do not know your blind spots…an Advisory Board can make you aware of them and then provide the expertise that will either keep you out of trouble or point you in the right direction.

Third, you have some ideas you want to try out with a third party sounding board…someone who has been there before.