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Helping American Businesses Thrive
 Locally and Globally

Tim Hutzel has been working with business and military leaders for over 35 years helping them achieve their organizational goals and improve their people skills.

Tim developed these skills during his 21 years at General Electric in the management ranks. After leaving GE, he continued working with presidents, CEO’s, COO’s, and field grade officers of the U.S. Armed Forces as the founder and president of MainStream Consulting.

Tim is now semi retired and continues to assist business leaders, but with a twist: He no longer works for billed fees, but for results.

Tim’s motto is, “The silliest personal goal is to be the richest man in the grave yard!” Tim knows his reward will come from your satisfaction, and from our Father above.

You are encouraged to explore Tim’s credentials and experiences within this website. If you are so moved, contact Tim to determine if he can help you achieve your goals or solve your problems.

Good luck and God bless.